Thursday, August 7, 2008

What I Did This Summer (among other things...)

I painted a nine foot fiberglass polar bear, of course. Meet CHillie, who doubles as a bench! Her pictorial theme is "Bearly Chestnut Hill" and shows lots (and lots!) of weird, somewhat familiar little scenes -- creatures, shops, houses and vehicles -- of this neighborhood...and beyond.

She's the featured piece in my community's AbZOOlutely Chestnut Hill 2 project, and she'll be unveiled officially (there was a sneak preview on July 24) on September 13. Then she'll take up permanent residence on the sidewalk of the main street in Chestnut Hill.

This short photo film shows the work in progress, and some views of the finished bear. (I'll take some better pix after the unveiling next month.) The work on CHillie stretched out over six months, though most of the intensive work was done April through July. I am incredibly indebted to my assistant painters, Sarah and Alice, who did wonderful work for long hours. Without their great help, CHillie probably never would have been finished!

I painted my first polar bear, Seemore, in 2006 for the first AbZOOlutely Chestnut Hill project. You can meet him and see the the work-in-progress here.